Our Team

PEEC Education Staff

The PEEC staff is composed of environmental educators who have been trained in the natural history of the Mendocino area. Naturalists are well-versed in many educational strategies including environmental learning games, nature walks, storytelling, music, and lore. PEEC Naturalists have extensive training in marine biology, environmental education, plant and animal sciences, geology, and forest ecology.  Naturalists hold a high regard for the natural environment and communicate this appreciation through learning activities.  The naturalist-to-student ratio is 1:10.  All staff are subject to background checks and are First Aid/CPR certified.


Kylie 'Koala' Galliani

Kylie was a naturalist for PEEC in 2016-2017, and fell in love with teaching science to students. She then chose to leave PEEC to pursue her teaching credential, and went on to teach Life Science, Physical Science, and Marine Biology to students at Fort Bragg Middle School from 2017-2023. She has also served on PEEC's Board of Directors since 2018, and is excited for this new adventure as PEEC's Executive Director!

Kylie grew up in Fort Bragg, and has loved the ocean and learning about coastal ecosystems her entire life. Seeing students learn about the environments while exploring them has been her favorite part of working with PEEC.

Board of Directors

Lorrie Lagasse

Lorrie Lagasse has been on the PEEC board for over 30 years.  During COVID-19 she took over the role of president of the board. She also kept the program alive as PEEC's Interim Director for the Spring 2023!

“I am passionate about teaching other folks about the wonders of nature and how to be stewards of our natural world.  Environmental education camps, like PEEC, provide a setting for experiences that last a lifetime.”

Lorrie has been active in the field of environmental education since her time after college when she worked at an outdoor school on Cape Cod.  In addition to being a naturalist at PEEC, she has been a ranger for the national parks, a forestry tech for the forest service, and a teacher.  

In her free time she loves to swim, ride bikes, hike, and garden - anything to be outside!

Chris Williams

Chris Williams was the director of PEEC for 27 years.  He has been instrumental in the overall growth and success of the program.  He now serves as the treasurer on the PEEC board.  Much of the infrastructure at the camp has been built by him (with various helpers) over the years.  He has had his hand in the business of PEEC for a long time!

Chris likes to say, “Education is the backbone of inspiration.”

Chris has also been a park ranger for Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Although he is retired, he is rarely idle.  He continues to be involved in building projects, other boards, and exploring the world in which we live.

Phoebe Dameron

Phoebe Dameron is a former PEEC Naturalist and the current board secretary. She loves being outdoors in many different ways and sharing those inspirational experiences with others. She is currently the Co-Director of The Athenian Wilderness Experience, a 26-day wilderness backpacking program for high school juniors. Her favorite part of the PEEC curriculum is the Ecological Staircase hike, which travels through the “Pygmy Forest” and ends at Jug Handle beach.

Jason Ham

Jason was a naturalist at PEEC from 1996-1997 and then again in 1999-2000.  He joined the PEEC Board in 2021 and is excited about helping the program navigate its way back to full Fall and Spring seasons. 

Jason loves experiential education and being outside while teaching and learning. For the past 17 years, he has been directing a wilderness backpacking program at the Athenian School near San Francisco.  In the past he has also worked instructing wilderness programs for the University of Texas at Austin, the Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, Texas,  UC Berkeley and the Chadwick School in Los Angeles. 

Jason especially loves that the area’s active continental margin creates so many cool geological features and biological diversity. That combination makes for an extraordinary learning environment for PEEC’s participants.

Michael Brito

Michael (a.k.a. Cypress) was a Naturalist during the 2022 Spring season and is excited to continue contributing to PEEC's mission as a board member.

Having grown up along the sandy beaches of Southern California, Michael feels deeply connected to the coastal oceans. He received a degree in Marine and Coastal Sciences from UC Davis and has researched a diversity of marine invertebrates, including whelks, nudibranchs, and even the endangered Sunflower Sea star. Michael currently works at the Exploratorium of San Francisco where he cares for a wide range of living organisms. 

Michael's favorite part of PEEC is the opportunity to give many kids their very first experience by the ocean. 

Lauren Nutt

Lauren was a naturalist during the spring of 2023 and is thrilled to stay involved with PEEC as a board member. She is passionate about marine life, and her favorite aspect about PEEC is that it immerses children in the marine environment and allows them to explore the local tide pools at Mackerricher State Park.

Lauren completed her B.S. degree in Marine Biology and Minor in Scientific Scuba Diving at Cal Poly Humboldt. She is an active scientific diver with Reef Check Foundation and helps train citizen scientists to collect data for long term monitoring of marine protected areas in California. She is also a divemaster for Reef Check’s Dive Into Science Program which provides the opportunity for tribal and underserved community members to participate in scuba diving programs. In addition, Lauren works in the commercial fishing industry as a port sampler, collecting species composition and biological data to facilitate sustainable fishing practices.

Duncan Rossum

Duncan (F.K.A Possum) was a naturalist with PEEC from 2015-2019 and joined the board in 2021.  He has many fond memories of exploring MacKerricher State Park as a child and is excited to help new generations make lasting memories today. 

Duncan received a degree in Human Ecology from Cal Poly Humboldt in 2013 and went on to work as an ecologist for University of Puerto Rico in Belize. He currently works for Humboldt County D.H.H.S. helping community members pursue their dreams and working to bring more employment and housing resources to underserved rural communities.  Duncan is also very involved in Fort Bragg’s sister city exchange with fellow small fishing town Otsuchi, Japan.