Our Program

The intent of our program is to begin where classroom study ends. 
First-hand field experience provides a unique learning opportunity normally unobtainable in a standard school setting.  PEEC’s curriculum emphasizes the interdependence and interrelationship of human beings and the physical environment in which they live.  It is taught with the hope of developing within students an environmental ethic and a respect for the natural world.

PEEC School Info

Field Study Sites

Tide Pools

PEEC’s proximity to several superb tide pool areas makes it an ideal marine ecology study site.  Tide pools, rich in diversity of intertidal life, provide an opportunity for students to explore an underwater world. 

Redwood & Pygmy Forests

The unique wave-cut terraces of the Jughandle Ecological Staircase provide an opportunity to view 500,000 years of plant succession and soil development.  

We hike the staircase trail, exploring the terraces of time, beginning in soils leached of nutrients and barely supporting a gnarled pygmy forest, through a magnificent redwood forest, to the rich grassland soils of the headlands.

Coastal Headlands

The Pacific Ocean serves as the perfect backdrop to our study of the coastal headlands.  With seals teaching their pups to swim and grey whales spouting just offshore, we can learn about our aquatic neighbors while enjoying the sunset.  Students hike through cypress stands along coastal prairies dotted with wildflowers.

Sand Dunes

The vast Ten Mile sand dunes are an excellent venue for exploration.  The adaptations that plants and animals use to survive in such a harsh environment serve as our starting point for learning about the sand dunes.  The balance of study time and fun time make the dunes an unforgettable experience.